High demands on design while still ensuring cost efficiency

21.03.2022 von Petra Engstle / Reading time: approx. 2 minutes

Let's just talk about beauty. The 3D-LaserEngravings stand out because they look harmonious and are extremely pleasant to touch. Engravings can be realised softly and flowing in variable depths without unattractive ridges between the individual slices. The surfaces appear as if they have been elaborately modelled. This is possible thanks to a special procedure when realising the engraving process. It is not necessary to increase the number of slices used, which almost automatically ensures cost-efficient beauty from design.

For KRÜTH, high standards and cost efficiency are not a contradiction, but complementary challenges.

3D-LaserEngravings makes it possible: morphing engravings merge with each other and surfaces are completely re-imagined.
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