Small production assistants: QR codes and date clocks achieved through the process of 3D-Laser Engraving

11.02.2022 von Petra Engstle / Reading time: approx. 3 minutes

A digital laser is especially good at a particular thing: very fine and precise work. Extremely precise engravings can be achieved through the process of 3D-Laser Engraving. This is necessary when a complex QR code is integrated into the tool and every detail must be digitally detectable. The requirements for a date clock are somewhat lower, but precision is also required here.

Error-free readability is strongly dependent on the material and the design, so it makes sense to implement test plates in advance to check reliable readability. Of course, this also applies to other production-related codes that can be finely and precisely integrated into the components. What are the limits? Almost none!

When when precision and fine details are required, KRÜTH laser machines come into their own.

High demands on design while still ensuring cost efficiency
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