3D-LaserEngravings makes it possible: morphing engravings merge with each other and surfaces are completely re-imagined.

28.04.2022 von Petra Engstle / Reading time: approx. 2 minutes

Two engravings become a dynamic overall picture. 3D-LaserEngraving with its digital pre-production stage makes it possible to realise these new concepts. It allows harmonising structures on a component to overlap, dissolve, recede or level off. It is also possible to emphasise individual areas - for aesthetic or technical reasons. As the viewing angle changes, the appearance always brings up new surprises. Products can be made unmistakable with a unique character through a completely new look. It is a completely new way of looking at things, turning the engraved surfaces into a living 3D experience.

KRÜTH provides fascinating morphing engravings to stimulate a new way of thinking.

Exploring new surfaces since 1969 – Krüth at the K trade fair
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