Create local – act global. Engraving know-how comes from our home base. Perfect implementation can be achieved globally.

14.09.2020 von Petra Engstle / Reading time: approx. 2 minutes

It is true that for in-depth know-how of engraving development, Solingen is traditionally “the best place to be”. Developing optimal structures requires the interaction of specialist departments working closely together. But in terms of implementation, it immediately becomes global and requires an international network. In the SEC Group and GLG Group, we are well organised and exchange news on technological innovations as well as information on joint projects. With an impressive laser fleet in the GLG Group, we have more than 30 laser machines available internationally. This means that we have a high capacity to be able to handle major projects. Local know-how combines with global reach to ensure optimum realisation of projects.

A worldwide network of selected KRÜTH production partners, ensuring we achieve the same level of quality around the globe.

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The injection moulding dream team: Porcerax II venting steel structured with 3D-LaserEngraving.
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