Form follows function. Engravings take on functions so nothing squeaks or slips.

11.09.2020 von Petra Engstle / Reading time: approx. 2 minutes

Nothing beats a harmonious, matching structure. It's ideal if this can also have useful functions. One obvious example is an anti-slip feature, which lets a toothbrush or razor fit really comfortably in your hand. The technical structure allows less movement and, for example, prevents your finger from slipping off the handle.

This is quite the opposite of the desired anti-squeaking properties - these come into play when plastic surfaces could come into contact with each other. To prevent the well-known, annoying squeaking, the amount of contact surfaces in these types of engravings is decisive. This has to be reduced, which is why specific, tried and tested surface structures are used in some cases.

For KRÜTH, form and function complement each other to create the optimum surface, offering assistance or protection when it is used.

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