Ultimately, it is quite easy when you know how it works. The Easy-to-clean - Engraving represents many years of know-how.

02.09.2020 von Petra Engstle / Reading time: approx. 2 minutes

Traditional EtchingEngraving technology and the fully-digital 3D-LaserProcess allows the development of special engravings that are noticeably easy to clean. This is possible in traditional EtchingEngraving up to a maximum of 30 µm, the effect is achieved by bevelled and rounded flanks in the engraving.

With 3D-LaserEngraving, this is also possible in even deeper designs. By combining processes, a deep laser engraving can be achieved with a standard number of slices. In the subsequent rounding step, the engraving is finished and is refined through the Etching process. This keeps the number of slices in the laser process within a normal range and their product specifications can be met. The ease of cleaning is a real benefit and the economic viability is no longer at risk.

Thinking through to the finished product and beyond. This is the strength of KRÜTH know-how.

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Form follows function. Engravings take on functions so nothing squeaks or slips.
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